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“Beyond Humanity: Exogen” is an online game focused on space exploration.
Exogen was created as a unique addition to the Beyond Humanity: Colonies board game, to provide a more immersive experience while exploring the space in search of suitable planets to establish your future colonies in the board game. Although, after reaching Kickstarter stretch goals and responding to the community engagement, Exogen has evolved and become a standalone multiplayer online game.

In Exogen, you are in charge of managing your resources to help your corporation and colonies achieve the best trajectory for success! You can send probes and scout parties ahead to systems and individual exoplanets. Moreover, you have at your disposal a whole list of possibilities to explore the galaxy; by sending various interstellar missions, communicating and interacting with other users, gathering in-game resources, and developing your corporation.


This is also a simulation of a real-life exploration campaign, just simplified. Your actions are not immediately finalized once taken. When you send out a mission, you will have to wait in real-time (though greatly compressed) as they launch and travel towards their destinations before sending information back to your headquarters.

The galaxy map you are about to explore is the base for the whole Beyond Humanity universe. Still, it is not something we fabricated - it is based on the real-world planets and stars documented in the NASA and TESS databases!

Here you will find an evolving universe that changes and reacts to not only your actions but the actions of every player. As you dive deeper into unknown regions of space, new systems are waiting to be discovered. Competing corporations may have charted systems and exoplanets before you, and others may be awaiting its first contact.


Soon, Exogen will be connected with Beyond Humanity: Colonies, and when those two games are played together, it will open an entirely new universe of experience - the combination of a board game with a multiplayer online game. Exogen will also connect all forthcoming games in the Beyond Humanity series, creating an ever-evolving player-driven universe that will be the living map of known space, in which all Beyond Humanity games will take place.

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